Your Local Brisbane Snake Catchers

We provide snake removal services to the Brisbane region. For fast efficient service please call Martin on 0458 444 333.

Snakes are an important part of the ecosystem and are protected by law. Only licensed snake catchers are permitted to remove snakes. We offer a free snake catcher service Brisbane for not for profit organisations where possible.

Due to the increase in temperature and recent storm activity there has been an increased number of calls requiring a snake catcher. We safely removed the snakes. It will start to warm up in Brisbane soon. Breeding season has already started as spring is here. During this time it is common to see carpet pythons nesting in compost bins etc. It is often safe to have these snakes around the yard however if you have small kids or pets it may be safest to call your local license snake catcher.

To have a snake removed from your Brisbane property call 0434 146 109 for either Brisbane's south side or the north side. Keep a close eye on the snake whilst you are waiting for the snake catcher to arrive. Feel free to SMS us photos of snakes you may see on your property.

For more information regarding the activity of snake catchers in Brisbane and for pictures on Brisbane snakes go to:

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