If you or anyone else has been bitten, or suspected of being bitten, please call 000 or 112 from a mobile. Remain clam and follow the directions of the operator.


We aim to put those who are face to face with a snake in touch with those who are trained and willing to remove them. Our aim is to ensure safe people, safe pets and safe snakes. If you are looking for a snake catcher in your area then please select the contact option above or at the top of the screen.

SnakeCatchers.com provides a comprehensive list of licensed qualified snake catchers. We are a professional group who pride ourselves on our professionalism and rapid response. We also provide free snake identification services where possible by simply sending us a photo. Many of our catchers are licensed with the respective departments of environment as well as the RSPCA. We have a number of carers for for injured snakes and wildlife.

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